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Title: Fifth House also at AO3
Author: Ky
Word Count: over 450,000 and counting
Rating: Mature
Pairings: multiple including Harry Potter/Severus Snape, slash, hey, femslash, and threesome
Summary: Harry Potter was quite honest when he informed Dumbledore’s portrait he intended to get rid of the Elder Wand. But what if he’d had to use it one last time? Would the Wand of Destiny change the Savior… or save him at last?

I’m not making this an all out rec. This is merely an announcement. Although I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be reccing it once I catch up to the author.

Yesterday, I started reading Ky’s epic Harry Potter fanfic. It’s a work in progress but it’s over 450,000 words and Ky updates regularly.

Before I go any further, I want to get the warnings out of the way. This fic warns for multiple pairings (which I haven’t gotten to). It’s got slash, het, femslash, and threesomes. It has at least one crossgen pairing, as it warns for Snarry.

It’s billed as super plotty and I can already see its focus being on plot rather than romance or smut. So if you’re worrying about the pairings you may want to wait until I post my rec to see how much of the fic ends up focusing on that aspect. As usual, if you have a problem with any of the pairings don’t read it. Otherwise, I encourage you to jump in because, so far, it’s been an enjoyable read.

It’s taking some pretty established ideas and bringing a refreshing take. I don’t want to spoil anything (not that I’ve gotten far enough to really do spoilers). But I will say that I've appreciated how Ky handles Snape starting to discover that Harry isn’t who he always believed him to be. It’s done without excessive drama, in a way that really highlights the changes in another character, one that is neither Harry nor Snape.

That leads me to gushing over the character interactions. There is so much lovely, amusing banter between once antagonists. You get a clear sense of the characters evolving as they get to know and interact with one another.

I love how Ky has handled the 8th year trope, making it feel unique yet familiar. I love how she has kept the Slytherins in character, softening them slightly as a result of their experience, but still completely recognizable. The small changes in their behaviors are justified in the initial chapters. All in all, their evolution happens in print instead of off-scene.

Look at me, I can’t stop gushing. All in all, the fic feels light and fun, intriguing and unique, low angst (thank goodness for my nerves) and high plot.

Ok, back to the fic.
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